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conditioning. the 13,000 refugees living here don't have to worry about the cold or floods. but for most, it's still a long way from the comforts of home. >> we can't wait to go back home. but, look, we have been abandoned. we thought it was going to be a matter of three months. the world is against us much the arab world, the west, the arab league, they have all left us on our own. >> this man and his family may be luckier than those trapped inside syria or the thousands of refugees facing tougher conditions in jordan and lebanon, but any time they watch the news, they are distressed. >> the scenes of the refugees facing cold are heartbreaking. these are children. i cannot find words to describe their suffering. we have everything but the others have nothing the >> these refugees are mainly from latakia and two other areas. all hoping to see an end to the war. >> we thought our fight was against assad. we find ourselves fighting the world. we don't want their aid. we want to go home. >> but for the time being, they have no other choice but to stay in this camp and pray for peace. conditions
intimidates a lot of people. i don't want to go over the dumping as they have done. i support israel. but my allegiance is not true president or party or to israel." the u.s. considers hamas a terrorist organization and will not engage directly with the group, although chuck hagel supports talks. our guest has joined us now. he's calling for more pragmatic approach in dealing with hamas. >> i think you have to put this into the context of the upcoming elections in israel. anything that looks like a stressed to israel, or makes israel look like the victim peltz benjamin netanyahu. it is not just a coincidence that the people who reject chuck hagel are the same people who support benjamin netanyahu appeared they have not learned a lesson from the presidential election where they supported mitt romney and they ended up losing. it is not just opposing or not opposing a candidate. >> how is chuck hagel's nomination being played out in israel in light of the upcoming elections two weeks away? >> it adds another and dimension mo benjamin netanyahu's clai that israel is isolated not because of its p
with the french intervention. i would like the crisis to come to an end so we can go back home. >> i don't see any other solution than a military one. how can you negotiate with terrorists who have occupied our country? it is not possible. >> and the man who led the c everyone oup last year -- the coupe last year visited people. >> i am telling the people thank you for the support of your army. we have lost offensed without any stance. we are happy to have the french by our side. >> support for the operation is at its highest here. the french and malian flags hang side by side. and traders are doing a brisk business in selling french flags. the french have been bringing in more troops to mali. about 100 troops arrived on sunday. they say they will stop the advance and pave the way for other soldiers from the west african block. >> and more information about the deployment of troops. >> yes. the chief of defense -- some of them arrived this evening ahead of a crucial meeting on tuesday in which they are supposed to map out a plan for deployment. some of them we have been speaking to say this plan i
envoy brahimi should put an end to his initiative and world should understand that don't provide us with weapons, we will just go on our way until we manage to topple him from power. so very grim remimeder of what might look ahead in the future for the syrian people and for the opposition in particular. >> hashim, thank you very much for joining us. pakistani soldier has been killed and another wounded in a gun fight between indian and pakistani troops in the disputed region of kashmir. pakistan said indian troops rated the check in kashmir, dee dee nighed by india saying pakistan carried out an unprovoked attack using machine guns, mortars and explosives. they are claimed by india and pakistan and language separates the country. the area has been in dispute since they became independent in 1947. this latest exchange lasted for over four hours. ? if there's increasingly the pakistani army continues to violate the cease-fire agreement, and utilize these handoffs, we need to facilitate infiltration attempts, due to the conditions. obviously the attempts of the infiltrators will not su
are not going to pick the people against the people. we are not going to do that. don't think it is a sign of weakness. it is a sign of responsibility. >> the ruling came a day after the national assembly also -- the president will be in cuba indefinitely. vice-president maduro announced in a letter chavez would not be able to return in time for the inauguration. the government maintains chavez left the country with authorization from the national assembly and his victory in the last election gave him the legitimacy to take the time he needs. analysts say the government is simply buying time. >> the government is right when they say chavez is in the legitimate president, and nobody is questioning that. what is being questioned is the process, a process that will reveal chavez is not fit to rule. i think they are buying time. >> but there will not be an inauguration ceremony on thursday, the government has called for a rally of solidarity for the cancer stricken leader. meanwhile, the question is do whether -- when or if he will return remains unanswered. >> braking is coming to us out of i
become so omnipresent. one little one that comes out and you think, we don't really need that. two weeks later you are using it all the time. >> our advanced technology provides us with many benefits. but it also puts us at risk of losing things that we doubt it. with digital maps at the fingertips, people will lose their ability to find their way around on 8 it. film cameras, records, and cd's are headed for extinction. newspapers are on their way out. books made of paper on the endangered list. >> i actually did not read -- did read a physical book recently and it was strange to go back when you do not have a button to press. >> personal interactions often replaced by online substitutes. personal privacy, too, is much diminished when so much of everyone's information is owned, bought, and sold by corporations. >> are we becoming one with the machine? are we becoming more dependent to the extent we cannot live without the machine in the long run? are we becoming some sort of hybrid organism? that is an interesting question. >> the answer to that question will help determine the next sta
to the free government school because it is good, because the children love everyone. i don't have any complaints. >> free primary school education is one of the most important legacies of the resident -- presidents. about 10 million children have enrolled in the past decade. it has -- in 2011, the government admitted millions of dollars of worth of funds that were supposed to go to this initiative had gone missing and around one million children have not been able to enroll in school, partly because kids have had to come out of work to be able to help their families. the poorest and most vulnerable children -- for the poorest and most vulnerable children, education is still out of reach. >> every year, he gets harder for a rack -- it gets harder for iraq's farmers to produce their crops. we have more on this story. the, trouble in the garden of eden -- >> trouble in the garden of eden. this was the fertile crescent, the land between the tigris and euphrates rivers. food was so plentiful that people 5000 years ago were able to settle down here and build the first city. many believe thi
appeared a group of blind students are donning their tutus. >> in a tiny dance studio, they dance i feel rather than cite. she is visually impaired. 80% of her vision is gone. she is one of many students thought to be one of the few for the blind anywhere in the world. >> my friends tell me how can you be a dancer if you are blind. i tell them this is all about my will power. >> there is a reason of the schools are filled with mirrors. dancers learn by watching. it has not stopped the students things to their teacher. >> i teach them all through touch. they touch my body as i perform the moves and then they repeated to learn. after they learn, they are determined. all i have to do is call up the news and they can repeat it. >> the class is here are free for students and open to hearing impaired in children with mental disabilities. the benefits of the ballet stan farr -- extend far beyond the classroom. >> discipline, balance. >> backstage before a recent performance in front of a packed house, she is understandably nervous. >> i hope it all goes well. it is going to be very emotional fo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8